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8.1 GTK+ considerations

The section describes issues relevant to delivery of CAPI applications running on GTK+.

8.1.1 GTK+ libraries on the target machine

A suitable version of the GTK+ libraries must be installed on the target machine for your CAPI/GTK application to run. The version requirements are as for LispWorks itself, as mentioned in the LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide .

8.1.2 Fallback resources

If your CAPI/GTK application needs fallback resources then it should pass the :application-class and :fallback-resources arguments when calling capi:display and/or capi:convert-to-screen.

See capi:convert-to-screen in the CAPI User Guide and Reference Manual for a full description of these arguments.

You could use the LispWorks resources as a starting point when constructing your application's resources. You can see the LispWorks fallback resources (these are for application class Lispworks) as described under "Using X resources" in the CAPI User Guide and Reference Manual .

You can override the default resource name using the capi:element initarg :widget-name or the accessor (setf capi:element-widget-name). There is an example in

(example-edit-file "capi/elements/gtk-resources")

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