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You can change CLIM's color scheme and default fonts with X resources. Place your X resources in a file called CLIM port (that is, nine characters including the space) on your resource lookup path.

These are the default resources:

*buttonFontList:		*times-bold-r-normal--14*
*labelFontList:  		*times-bold-r-normal--14*
CLIM port*CLIM-menu-bar*foreground:	#000080
CLIM port*CLIM-menu-bar*background:	#b3e6fd
CLIM port*CLIMprogressbar.foreground:	Red
CLIM port*CLIMpointerdoctext*foreground:	#000080
CLIM port*CLIMpointerdoc*background:	#b3e6fd
CLIM port*foreground: 			Black
CLIM port*background:			White

By default, CLIM windows are mostly white. This is specified in the last line above.


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