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9.2.1 The Application Frame Protocol

application-frame [Protocol Class]	

Summary: The protocol class that corresponds to an application frame. If you want to create a new class that behaves like an application frame, it should be a subclass of application-frame. Subclasses of application-frame must obey the application frame protocol.

All application frame classes are mutable.

application-frame-p [Function]	

Arguments: object

Summary: Returns t if object is an application frame; otherwise, it returns nil .










Summary: All subclasses of application-frame must handle these initargs, which specify, respectively, the name, pretty name, command table, initial set of disabled commands, panes, menu bar, calling frame, state, and initial properties for the frame.


Summary: The standard class that implements application frames. By default, most application frame classes will inherit from this class, unless a non-nil value for superclasses is supplied to define-application-frame .

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