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1.4 About this Guide

This document is an installation guide and release notes for LispWorks 7.0 on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, x86/x64 Solaris, FreeBSD, AIX and SPARC Solaris platforms, and LispWorks for Mobile Runtime. It also explains how to configure LispWorks to best suit your local conditions and needs.

This guide provides instructions for installing and loading the modules included with each Edition or add-on product.

Unless explicitly mentioned, instructions in this manual refer to the Hobbyist, HobbyistDV, Professional and Enterprise Editions, rather than the Personal Edition which is distributed separately.

1.4.1 Installation and Configuration

Chapters 2-8 explain in brief and sufficient terms how to complete a LispWorks installation on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, x86/x64 Solaris, FreeBSD, AIX or SPARC Solaris. Choose the chapter for your platform: Installation on Mac OS X, Installation on Windows, Installation on Linux, Installation on x86/x64 Solaris, Installation on FreeBSD, Installation on AIX or Installation on SPARC Solaris.

Chapter 9 briefly mentions installation of LispWorks for Mobile Runtime.

Chapters 10-13 explain in detail everything necessary to configure, run, and test LispWorks 7.0. Choose the chapter for your platform: Configuration on Mac OS X, Configuration on Windows, Configuration on Linux, x86/x64 Solaris, FreeBSD & AIX or Configuration on SPARC Solaris. This also includes sections on initializing LispWorks and loading some of the modules. You should have no difficulty configuring, running, and testing LispWorks using these instructions if you have a basic familiarity with your operating system and Common Lisp.

1.4.2 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting, Patches and Reporting Bugs, discusses other issues that may arise when installing and configuring LispWorks. It includes a section that provides answers to problems you may have encountered, sections on the LispWorks patching system (used to allow bug fixes and private patch changes between releases of LispWorks), and details of how to report any bugs you encounter.

1.4.3 Release Notes

Release Notes, highlights what is new in this release and special issues for your consideration.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 2 Mar 2015