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7.4 Installing LispWorks for AIX

7.4.1 Main installation and patches

The LispWorks 7.0 installer contains each of the Editions. Additionally, there may be a patch installer which upgrades LispWorks to version 7.0.x. You need to complete the main installation before adding patches.

7.4.2 Information for Beta testers

Users of LispWorks 7.0 Beta should completely uninstall it (including any patches added to the beta installation) before installing LispWorks 7.0.

See Uninstalling LispWorks for AIX for instructions.

7.4.3 Installation directories

By default LispWorks is installed in /opt/LispWorks. A symbolic link to the 32-bit executable is placed in /opt/LispWorks/bin/lispworks-7-0-0-rs6k-aix. A symbolic link to the 64-bit executable is placed in /opt/LispWorks/bin/lispworks-7-0-0-rs6k64-aix.

You can alter the default installation location at install time.

7.4.4 Selecting the correct archives

The 32-bit LispWorks archive is called


The 64-bit LispWorks archive is called


The documentation archive, which contains manuals in HTML and PDF formats, applies to both 32-bit and 64-bit LispWorks:


7.4.5 Installing the archive

To install LispWorks, perform the following steps as root:

  1. Follow the instructions under License agreement.
  2. Use cd to change directory to the location of the tar files before running the installation script.
  3. Run the appropriate installation script, or
  4. This script takes --prefix and --excludedocs arguments to control the installation location and amount of documentation installed.

    For example, to install 32-bit LispWorks in /usr/lispworks, without documentation you would use:

sh --excludedocs --prefix /usr/lispworks

Note: LispWorks needs to be able find its library at runtime and therefore the LispWorks installation should not be moved around piecemeal. If you simply want to run LispWorks from somewhere more convenient, then consider adding a symbolic link.

See Running LispWorks for instructions on entering your license details.

7.4.6 Installing Patches

After completing the main installation, ensure you install the latest patches from the tar archive available for download at . Patch installation instructions are in the README file accompanying the patch download.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 2 Mar 2015