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5.2 Software delivery and installer format

LispWorks 7.0 for x86/x64 Solaris is supplied as a standard package file to download.

There are two variants, 32-bit LispWorks and 64-bit LispWorks, so be sure to download the one for which you have purchased a license:

5.2.1 Contents of the LispWorks distribution

All of the LispWorks modules are contained in a single package file. Your license key will control which modules can be used.

The package name for 32-bit LispWorks is LispWorks70-32bit.

The package name for 64-bit LispWorks is LispWorks70-64bit.

5.2.2 Personal Edition distribution

You can install the LispWorks Personal Edition by downloading it from .

The package for the Personal Edition is LispWorksPersonal70-32bit.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 2 Mar 2015