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15.20 Documentation changes

15.20.1 MOP documentation now on Help menu

The CLOS Metaobject Protocol specification is now available in the LispWorks IDE via the menu command Help > Manuals > CLOS Metaobject Protocol .

15.20.2 HTML user guides improved

The user guide parts of the LispWorks manuals are now arranged with fewer, larger HTML pages, rather than individual pages for every sub-section and sub-sub-section.

15.20.3 CAPI manuals consolidated and extended

The previously disjoint CAPI User Guide and CAPI Reference Manual are now consolidated into a combined CAPI User Guide and Reference Manual , with cross-references.

The new CAPI User Guide and Reference Manual contains two new chapters about toolbars and the self-contained examples in the LispWorks library. There are many new sections including "Focus" (for keyboard input focus), "output-pane Scrolling", "Hierarchy of panes", "Finding interfaces", "Accessing items", "Static layout", "Double list panel", "Docking layout", "Geometric queries", "Changing the graphics in the graph", "Controlling the layout" (of a graph), "Accessing the topology of the graph", "Displaying menus programmatically", "Getting the current dialog", "image-list, image-set and image-locator" and more. The section "Editor panes" is completely revised and extended.

15.20.4 Documentation improved

The COMM chapters in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual are extended. A new section describes how hostspec, service, local-address and local-port arguments are processed. The functions comm:get-host-entry and comm:get-ip-default-zone-id are newly documented.

There is a new section in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual "Approaching the memory limit" which describes LispWorks behavior as the image grows near to its maximum size, and describes how you can control this.

The :type-library class option to com:define-automation-component is now documented, in the LispWorks for Windows manual LispWorks COM/Automation User Guide and Reference Manual .

Each manual now enumerates the relevant self-contained examples in the LispWorks library along with a brief description. This helps you to find these examples via Help > Search... .

15.20.5 New self-contained examples

These examples are entirely new:

(example-edit-file "async-io/driver") (example-edit-file "async-io/multiplication-table") (example-edit-file "async-io/print-connection-delay") (example-edit-file "capi/applications/price-charting") (example-edit-file "capi/applications/rss-reader") (example-edit-file "capi/buttons/button-panel-layout") (example-edit-file "capi/elements/progress-bar-from-background-thread") (example-edit-file "capi/graphics/highlight-rectangle-pinboard") (example-edit-file "capi/graphics/highlight-rectangle") (example-edit-file "capi/graphics/image-scaling") (example-edit-file "capi/graphics/plot-directly") (example-edit-file "capi/graphics/plot-offline") (example-edit-file "capi/graphics/tracking-pinboard-layout") (example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/cached-display") (example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/input-model-touch") (example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/pane-can-scroll") (example-edit-file "com/automation/cl-smtp/clsmtp-test") (example-edit-file "fli/foreign-callable-example") (example-edit-file "misc/xml-parser")

Also the following three examples have moved from the examples/misc directory to examples/fli

(example-edit-file "fli/foreign-blocks") (example-edit-file "fli/grand-central-dispatch") (example-edit-file "fli/invoke-foreign-block")

15.20.6 Newly documented functions

The functions system:object-pointer and system:immediatep are now documented. See section "Object addresses and memory" in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual for an overview.

The function lw:string-append* is now documented. It creates a single string from a list of string designators. It is similar to lw:string-append, but takes a list as argument.

The function system:pipe-exit-status is now documented. system:pid-exit-status has been removed as it was inherently unreliable.

The generic function system:sort-inspector-p is now documented. It allows you to specify sorting of attributes/values in the Inspector tool in the LispWorks IDE.

15.20.7 Newly documented Editor commands

Many previously undocumented editor commands now appear in the LispWorks Editor User Guide .

Some are in the new section "Interaction with the GUI and the IDE", all are indexed as "Newly documented...".

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 2 Mar 2015