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15.15 Application delivery changes

See the LispWorks Delivery User Guide for more details of the changes mentioned in this section.

15.15.1 New ways to keep symbols and symbol names

The new functions hcl:deliver-keep-symbols and hcl:deliver-keep-symbol-names force retention of symbols and symbol names, similarly to the lw:deliver keywords :keep-symbols and :keep-symbol-names but with the advantage that you can use them in your source code before loading the delivery module.

15.15.2 Retaining cross-reference information in a delivered image

The new lw:deliver keyword :keep-xref-info controls whether cross-referencing is retained in the runtime image.

Inclusion of the cross-reference functions such as hcl:who-calls and hcl:calls-who in the runtime image no longer affects whether the cross-reference information itself is retained.

15.15.3 :versioninfo no longer supports :file-os

The lw:deliver keyword :versioninfo plist no longer supports the :file-os key. Do not supply this.

15.15.4 LispWorks for Windows DLLs can use private assembly

You can now install a private copy of msvcr80 (Microsoft.VC80.CRT) for use by your application. It is no longer required to be in the WinSxS system folder.

Applications built with LispWorks 6.1 and earlier versions only support installation of msvcr80 by vcredist_x86.exe or vcredist_x64.exe.

15.15.5 Creating a Mac OS X application bundle.

hcl:create-macos-application-bundle is now fully documented. Please note that you should supply the argument identifier to provide CFBundleIdentifier when creating an application bundle for your own application.

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