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15.2 Updating your code for LispWorks 7.0

Check through these release notes for things you need to update in code that already works in LispWorks 6.1.

If you are updating code that works only in versions earlier than LispWorks 6.1, then you should also consult earlier release notes, which are available at .

15.2.1 Conditionalizing code for different versions of LispWorks

When conditionalizing code for different versions of LispWorks, make your code work in the latest version and then conditionalize with feature expressions if necessary, depending on which previous versions of LispWorks you want to support.

For example, use #-lispworks6 rather than #+lispworks7. This makes it more likely that the code will work without changes when LispWorks 8 is released in future.

Use only documented features. For an example see "Conditionalization for LispWorks versions" in the entry for cl:*features* in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual .

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