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14.7 Troubleshooting on SPARC Solaris

This section describes some of the most common problems that can occur during installation or configuration of LispWorks for SPARC Solaris.

See also Troubleshooting on X11/Motif for issues specific to X11/Motif.

14.7.1 Problems with CD-ROM file system

Some operating systems provide tools which can mount a CD-ROM incorrectly. If your LispWorks CD-ROM appears to contain files named like this:


then check the mount command used (Mounting the CD-ROM).

14.7.2 License key errors

LispWorks looks for a keyfile containing a valid license key when it is started up. If a problem occurs at this point, LispWorks exits, after first printing a keyfile error message.

There are three possible problems:

An appropriate error message will appear for each case.

An unconfigured image must either be installed in the default location (library hierarchy under /usr/lib/lispworks/lib/7-0-0-0) or be executed in the same directory as the keyfile. If the image has been configured, check that the keyfile is in the right place and that the value of *lispworks-directory* is correct.

If the key is incorrect, check it against the one Lisp Support supplied. It should consist only of numerals and upper case letters (A-Z). If the key has expired, contact Lisp Support--you may be allowed to extend the key.

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