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14.3 Troubleshooting on Mac OS X

This section describes some of the most common problems that can occur during installation or configuration of LispWorks for Macintosh.

If you're using the LispWorks image with the X11/Motif GUI, see also Troubleshooting on X11/Motif below for issues specific to X11/Motif.

14.3.1 Default installation requires administrator on Mac OS X

To install LispWorks in the default installation location under /Applications you must log on as an administrator. So it is usually best to run the LispWorks32bit_Installer or LispWorks64bit_Installer application as an administrator - the account you created when setting up your Macintosh is an administrator, for instance.

However, a non-administrator may install LispWorks elsewhere.

14.3.2 Text displayed incorrectly in the editor on Mac OS X

The LispWorks editor currently relies on integral font sizes. Some Mac OS X fonts have non-integral size and will be displayed incorrectly in the Editor and Listener tools and other uses of capi:editor-pane.

The solution is to use a font with integral size. The following are known to work: Monaco 10, Monaco 15, Monaco 20.

Select the font for Editor and Listener tools by LispWorks > Preferences... > Environment > Styles > Editor Font .

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