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13.5 Components of the LispWorks distribution

For the purposes of installation the LispWorks system can be thought of as two discrete components: the basic executable Lisp image and the directories holding files consulted at runtime.

13.5.1 The LispWorks image

The supplied LispWorks image is named according to the operating system and platform for which it is built, and the LispWorks version number. The format is:

lispworks-<version number>-<OS code>

Thus, an image named lispworks-7-0-0-sparc-solaris is the 32-bit LispWorks 7.0 image for use on Sun Sparc Solaris machines.

As noted in Considerations to be made before extracting product files, once installed, the basic executable Lisp image can be placed somewhere in the UNIX file system likely to be on its users' search path. A suitable place might be /usr/local/bin/lispworks.

13.5.2 The LispWorks library

The runtime directory structure (basically, everything except the image file) should be somewhere publicly readable: /usr/lib/lispworks, by default. If there is not enough room in any of the normal publicly accessible locations, you could put a symbolic link there pointing to the installation directory in a partition with more disk space. The installation directory must contain a subdirectory called lib/7-0-0-0/.

Among the directories on this subdirectory are the following:

The following directory also resides here, but comes from the documentation archive:

By default, all these directories are assumed to reside beneath /usr/lib/lispworks/lib/7-0-0-0/, although you may place the lib directory somewhere else.

For products which support the License Server, there is also a subdirectory of the installation directory called hqn_ls.

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