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14.2.4 Output Recording Streams

CLIM defines an extension to the stream protocol that supports output recording. The stream has an associated output history record and provides controls to enable and disable output recording.

output-recording-stream [Protocol Class]	

Summary: The protocol class that indicates that a stream is an output recording stream. If you want to create a new class that behaves like an output recording stream, it should be a subclass of output-recording-stream. Subclasses of output-recording-stream must obey the output recording stream protocol.

output-recording-stream-p [Function]	

Arguments: object

Summary: Returns t if object is an output recording stream; otherwise, it returns nil .


Summary: The class used by CLIM to implement output record streams. This is a subclass of output-recording-stream . Members of this class are mutable. The Output Recording Stream Protocol Graphics Output Recording Text Output Recording Output Recording Utilities

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