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4.4.4 Installation from the tar files

The LispWorks distribution is also provided as tar files compressed using gzip for use if you do not have an appropriate version of RPM to unpack the RPM binary file. The gzipped files for 32-bit LispWorks are as follows:

Files for 32-bit Professional and Enterprise Editions


32-bit LispWorks image, modules and examples


Documentation in HTML and PDF formats

Note: The gzipped files for LispWorks Personal Edition and LispWorks (64-bit) Enterprise Edition have similar names.

To install from these files:

  1. Follow the instructions under License agreement.
  2. Use cd to change directory to the location of the tar files before running the installation script.
  3. Run the installation script (or for the Personal Edition).
  4. This script takes --prefix and --excludedocs arguments like rpm to control the installation directory and amount of documentation installed.

    For example, to install the 32-bit Professional Edition in /usr/lispworks , without documentation, from a CD-ROM mounted on /mnt/cdrom1 you would use:

cd /mnt/cdrom1/x86-linux
sh --excludedocs --prefix /usr/lispworks

Note: the default location under /usr/local is appropriate for this unmanaged (non-RPM) installation.

See Running LispWorks for how to enter your license details. Installing Patches

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011