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4.4.3 Installation from the binary RPM file

We recommend that you use RPM 4.3 or later (however see below for problems with --prefix argument with some versions of RPM). The distribution files are also provided in tar format in case you do not have a suitable version of RPM or are using another distribution of Linux.

If you already have LispWorks 6.1 Beta installed, please uninstall it before installing this product. See Uninstalling LispWorks for Linux.

Some versions of RPM may cause problems (eg. RPM 3.0). If you get the following message when using the --prefix argument:

rpm: only one of --prefix or --relocate may be used

try upgrading to RPM 3.0.2 or greater.

Installation of LispWorks for Linux from the RPM file must be done while you are logged on as root. Installation directories Selecting the correct RPM files Installing or upgrading LispWorks for Linux Installing CLIM 2.0 Installing loadable Enterprise Edition modules Documentation and saving space Installing Patches

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