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13.8.5 ASDF 2 included

The LispWorks distribution now includes ASDF 2. To use ASDF in LispWorks:

  1. Do
  2. (require :asdf)

    This loads the distributed version of ASDF 2, and then the asdf-integration.lisp example file is loaded automatically. This makes the LispWorks IDE support ASDF, in addition to LispWorks' own lw:defsystem implementation.

  3. Configure ASDF as described in its documentation.
  4. Optionally, if you want your later version of ASDF, do
  5. (asdf:load-system :asdf)

  6. Load your ASDF system definitions.
  7. Now you are all set to work with ASDF systems in the Editor, Search Files and System Browser tools.

Alternatively, to use a specific version of ASDF, instead of steps 1-4 you should load it directly and then call (provide "asdf") to prevent the distributed version from being loaded.

The automatic loading of asdf-integration.lisp is controlled by the new variable lispworks:*autoload-asdf-integration* .

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011