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13.7 Other CAPI and Graphics Ports changes

13.7.1 Origin of coordinates of interfaces

13.7.2 Window sizes on Cocoa no longer include the interface toolbar

13.7.3 Default font type on Windows

13.7.4 Graphics state object documented

13.7.5 More font functions and types documented

13.7.6 copy-area added, pixblt deprecated

13.7.7 clear-rectangle deprecated

13.7.8 mask-x and mask-y deprecated

13.7.9 Using integers as colors is not allowed on Windows

13.7.10 rich-text-pane selection deprecated

13.7.11 Destroying a Cocoa application interface

13.7.12 Cocoa application interface example improved

13.7.13 delete-item-callback in extended-selection-tree-view

13.7.14 Home and End in text-input-pane

13.7.15 titled-menu-object fix

13.7.16 Initforms fix

13.7.17 Pixmap ports inherit background etc from their pane

13.7.18 Port graphics state accessor functions

13.7.19 Image Access dimension readers

13.7.20 pi-related constants documented

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011