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13.4 New CAPI features

See the CAPI Reference Manual for more details of these, unless directed otherwise.

13.4.1 Drag'n'drop images

13.4.2 Drag'n'drop improvements on GTK+

13.4.3 Drag'n'drop improvements on Cocoa

13.4.4 New class browses and displays HTML on Windows and Cocoa

13.4.5 Support for multiple monitors

13.4.6 Initial geometry constraints

13.4.7 New support for input methods

13.4.8 Initarg for control of automatic resize

13.4.9 Setting the unsaved document indicator on Cocoa

13.4.10 Interacting with a title bar pathname on Cocoa

13.4.11 Specifying the drag image

13.4.12 More support for images in choices

13.4.13 Keyboard searching in a list-panel

13.4.14 Recent items in text-input-pane on Cocoa

13.4.15 Change callback in text-input-range

13.4.16 Controlling the selection in a display-pane

13.4.17 Selection functions in toolbar-component

13.4.18 Tab images in tab-layout on Windows

13.4.19 ICO image format supported in some situations on Windows

13.4.20 Alternative images for button now work on Windows

13.4.21 image-list in option-pane

13.4.22 option-pane with correct theme on Windows 7 and Vista

13.4.23 Image count in make-scaled-general-image-set

13.4.24 Color in list items on Cocoa

13.4.25 Alternating background color in lists and trees

13.4.26 Default initial width in a multi column list

13.4.27 list-view always highlights the selection

13.4.28 Automatically arranged icons in a list-view

13.4.29 Controlling slider display

13.4.30 Slider value on Microsoft Windows

13.4.31 Controlling the action buttons in prompt-with-list

13.4.32 Alternative action callback

13.4.33 text-input-choice can be read-only on Microsoft Windows

13.4.34 Text background in labelled-line-pinboard-object

13.4.35 Cocoa application message :finished-launching

13.4.36 Controlling the input method on GTK+

13.4.37 Tooltips on GTK+

13.4.38 Querying the state of a sorted-object

13.4.39 Controlling copying when the active pane is a choice

13.4.40 apply-in-pane-process-if-alive

13.4.41 Metafiles supported on GTK+

13.4.42 GDI+ metafiles on Windows

13.4.43 Native printing on GTK+

13.4.44 Predicate for availability of metafiles

13.4.45 Metafile example

13.4.46 Efficient redisplay of menu bar

13.4.47 :documentation option in define-interface

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011