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You should now test the new LispWorks image. To test a configured version of LispWorks, do the following:

  1. Change directory out of the installation directory.
  2. Run the new image.
  3. Test the load-on-demand system. Type:
  4. CL-USER 1 > (inspect 1)

    Before information about the fixnum 1 is printed, the system should load the inspector from the load-on-demand directory.

  5. Next, test the ability of the system to interface to a local X server. If necessary, start an X server either on the local machine or on a machine networked to it. Type:
CL-USER 2 > (env:start-environment :display " serverhostname ")

Where serverhostname is the name of the machine running the X server. The window-based environment should now initialize--during initialization an X window displaying a copyright notice will appear on the screen.

You can work through some of the examples in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual to check further that the configured image has successfully built.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011