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11.5.2 The LispWorks library

The runtime directory structure (basically, everything except the image file) should be somewhere publicly readable: /usr/lib/lispworks , by default. If there is not enough room in any of the normal publicly accessible locations, you could put a symbolic link there pointing to the installation directory in a partition with more disk space. The installation directory must contain a subdirectory called lib/6-1-0-0/ .

Among the directories on this subdirectory are the following:

The following directory also resides here, but comes from the documentation archive:

By default, all these directories are assumed to reside beneath /usr/lib/lispworks/lib/6-1-0-0/ , although you may place the lib directory somewhere else.

For products which support the License Server, there is also a subdirectory of the installation directory called hqn_ls .

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011