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2.2 Documentation

The LispWorks documentation set is included in two electronic formats: HTML and PDF. You can chose whether to install it as described in Installing LispWorks for Macintosh.

The HTML format can be used from within the LispWorks IDE via the Help menu. You will need to have a suitable web browser installed. You can also reach the HTML documentation via the alias LispWorks 6.1/HTML Documentation.htm . If you choose not to install the documentation, you will not be able to access the HTML Documentation from the LispWorks Help menu.

The PDF format is suitable for printing. Each manual in the documentation set is presented in a separate PDF file in the LispWorks library under manual/offline/pdf . The simplest way to locate these PDF files is the alias LispWorks 6.1/PDF Documentation . To view and print these files, you will need a PDF viewer such as Preview (standard on Mac OS X) or Adobe ® Reader ® (which can be downloaded from the Adobe website at ).

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