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6.4.5 Installing LispWorks for FreeBSD

To install LispWorks, perform the following steps as root:

  1. Locate the software package file.
  2. Install or upgrade LispWorks in the standard way, for example:
  3. pkg_add lispworks-32bit-6.1.tgz

    This command installs LispWorks in /usr/local/lib/LispWorks . A command line of the form

    pkg_add -p <directory> lispworks-32bit-6.1.tgz

    installs LispWorks in <directory> .

The directory name must be an absolute pathname. Relative pathnames and pathnames including shell-expanded characters such as . and ~ do not work.

Note: LispWorks needs to be able find its library at runtime and therefore the LispWorks installation should not be moved around piecemeal. If you simply want to run LispWorks from somewhere more convenient, then consider adding a symbolic link.

See Running LispWorks for instructions on entering your license details.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011