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7.7.1 Locations

Locations are mainly something the dspec system just stores and retrieves. :inside locations are used to describe definitions located as subforms of other definitions.

:inside locations are usually not explicitly specified, but arise as a result of having two nested definitions, both of which use the def and location macros to handle the name and location info.

The types of locations and their meanings are:

A pathname

A definition existed in the file named or an editor buffer with that name.

The keyword :listener

A definition was executed interactively in the listener or an editor buffer not associated with a file.

The keyword :unknown

A definition was found in the image (these are entered when a location query does not find any information already in the database).

The keyword :implicit

A definition for a part was recorded, but no information exists for the aggregate.

LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual - 21 Dec 2011