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12.3.3 Save your new image

The simplest way to save your new image is to use the Application Builder tool in the LispWorks IDE. Start the Application Builder as described in the LispWorks IDE User Guide , enter the path of your save-image script in the Build script: pane, and press the Build the application using the script button.

Alternatively you can run LispWorks in a command interpreter and pass your save-image script in the command line as shown below.

mymac$ "/Applications/LispWorks 6.1/" -build save-image.lisp C:\temp\>"C:\Program Files\LispWorks\lispworks-6-1-0-x86-win32.exe" -build save-image.lisp linux:/tmp$ lispworks-6-1-0-x86-linux -build save-image.lisp

For other platforms and for 64-bit LispWorks the image name varies from that shown, but the principle is the same.

LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual - 21 Dec 2011