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2.4.3 Class Browser

Figure 2.6 KnowledgeWorks Class Browser

The Class Browser is obtained by choosing KnowledgeWorks > Classes . This brings up the LispWorks Class Browser with an initial focus on the class standard-kb-object . Select the Subclasses tab to display the subclasses of standard-kb-object . Double click on NODE in the subclasses pane to examine the node class used in this tutorial. Select the Slots tab to display its slots and click on one of the slots in the middle pane, for example the ANIMAL slot. This displays more information about the slot in the Description pane.

Other useful features of the Class Browser include the Superclasses tab which display a graph of the superclasses; the Hierarchy tab which displays direct superclasses and subclasses; and the Functions tab which displays the generic functions or methods defined on a class either directly or through inheritance. For more information about the Class Browser, see the LispWorks IDE User Guide .

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