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27.11 Setting options in the system browser

The Works > Systems > Compilation Options menu allows you to set options which apply whenever you compile or load system members. Each of the commands described below toggles the respective option.

Choose Works > Systems > Compilation Options > Force to force the compile or load operation to be performed. If you are operating on a whole system (as opposed to system members which are files) this means that actions for all the members are added to the plan.

Choose Works > Systems > Compilation Options > Source to force the use of Lisp source rather than fasls in operations on the system.

Choose Works > Systems > Compilation Options > Preview to automatically preview the plan prior to execution of a compile or load instruction chosen from the Works > Systems menu. This switches the System Browser to the preview view and allows you to see what operations are going to be performed, and to change them if you want. See Generating and executing plans in the preview view for full details about previewing plans.

Choose Works > Systems > Concatenate... to concatenate the selected system into a single fasl after compiling it. You will need to supply the name of the single fasl file, when prompted.

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