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25.5.2 Tree area

The Tree area produces a tree of the current system, together with all its membersThe generic facilities available to all tree views throughout the environment are available here; see Manipulating Graphs for details.

You can operate on systems and files via the context menu, which offers commands such as Concatenate... and Search Files... for systems, and Compile and Print... for files. The system commands are also available in the Systems menu. If no items are selected, the commands apply to the current system, whose name is printed in the System area.

To traverse the system hierarchy, expand a system node in the tree. If the destired parent node is not in the tree, choose Systems > Browse All Systems . The parent of all systems defined in the image at any time is called ALL-SYSTEMS .

To see the souce code definition of a system, double-click its node in the tree or do Systems > Find Source or click .

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