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8.3 LispWorks executable corrupted

After an initially sucessful installation of LispWorks for Linux, the LispWorks executable may appear to be corrupted:

$ lispworks-6-1-0-amd64-linux
Lisp executable apparently corrupted. (Truncated?) Cannot restart.

The executable is reduced in size, typically to a few 10Kb. This problem, which has been seen on various Linux machines, is caused by the prelink cron job, which does not understand Lisp executables.

Another error message seen attempting to run a saved LispWorks executable on Fedora 14 was

Reading LispWorks file lw-6-0-1: failed to find trailer, error -101

To prevent this happening, add descriptions of your LispWorks executables to the end of the file /etc/prelink.conf . For example, this will match the default names:

-b lispworks-*-linux

Then the truncated LispWorks executables need to be reinstalled.

The LispWorks for Linux rpm installer writes a line in /etc/prelink.conf which protects the released image. However this does not protect LispWorks images or runtime exectables that you have saved, because the name will differ. If you distribute LispWorks for Linux runtimes you should consider protecting them adding a suitable line in /etc/prelink.conf at installation time.

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 13 Dec 2011