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13.1.1 Creating instances

Graphics ports instances are created or temporarily redirected by any of these interfaces:

On-screen ports

make-instance with capi:output-pane or any subclass (including capi:editor-pane , capi:pinboard-layout and capi:graph-pane ).

See the LispWorks CAPI Reference Manual documentation for capi:output-pane and the other CAPI classes.

Pixmap ports

create-pixmap-port and with-pixmap-graphics-port .

Metafile ports

capi:with-internal-metafile and capi:with-external-metafile .

Printer ports

capi:with-print-job and capi:simple-print-port .

See the LispWorks CAPI Reference Manual for full reference entries on all the Graphics Ports functions, macros, classes and types.

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