LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide > 5 Installation on x86/x64 Solaris > 5.3 Installing LispWorks for x86/x64 Solaris


5.3.5 Installing the package file

To install LispWorks, perform the following steps as root:

  1. Locate the software package file.
  2. Install or upgrade LispWorks in the standard way, for example:
  3. pkgadd -d LispWorks60-32bit all

    for 32-bit LispWorks, or

    pkgadd -d LispWorks60-64bit all

    for 64-bit LispWorks.

  4. The license terms are presented. Enter "yes" if you agree to them.

See Running LispWorks for instructions on entering your license serial number and key.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 21 Dec 2009