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13.16 Other changes

13.16.1 Switching off Windows themes before windows are made

13.16.2 Non-string argument in find-symbol and intern

13.16.3 Compiler messages are written to *error-output*

13.16.4 Re-reading from terminal stream on Cocoa fixed

13.16.5 Explaining failed funcall optimizations

13.16.6 Change in make-random-state

13.16.7 Escaping of printed symbols depends on macro chars

13.16.8 dotimes count type-checked

13.16.9 Changes in cl:*features*

13.16.10 Gesture Spec changes

13.16.11 64-bit OpenSSL on Mac OS X

13.16.12 Lambda lists corrected

13.16.13 Loading old data files

13.16.14 Deprecated APIs

13.16.15 Harlequin

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