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13.6 More new features

For details of these, see the documentation in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual , unless a manual is referenced explicitly.

13.6.1 Load and evaluate from the command line

13.6.2 Unicode character and string functions

13.6.3 System message log

13.6.4 Logging errors

13.6.5 Debugger command to obtain the current function object

13.6.6 Debugger wrapper

13.6.7 Profiling multiple threads

13.6.8 Profiler shows each thread separately

13.6.9 Profiler does not count calls by default

13.6.10 Profiling inside foreign calls, or not

13.6.11 Long and short forms of paths

13.6.12 Finding a directory for writing temporary files

13.6.13 Splitting saved images to allow code signing

13.6.14 Saving a Mac OS X application bundle

13.6.15 Split sequence utilities

13.6.16 Predicate for weak arrays

13.6.17 Free action for weak hash tables

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