LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual


21 Socket Stream SSL interface

The Socket Stream SSL interface allows you to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with Lisp objects of type socket-stream.

The interface is based on the OpenSSL code, and most of it is simply an FLI interface to OpenSSL functions. The main LispWorks specific code is the way OpenSSL is integrated with socket-stream.

Note: to load the Socket Stream SSL interface, evaluate

(require "comm")

Note: Below we assume that the current package uses the comm package. That is, comm package symbols may not be qualified explicitly.

21.1 Creating a stream with SSL

21.2 SSL-CTX and SSL objects

21.3 OpenSSL interface

21.4 Socket Stream SSL keyword arguments

21.5 Attaching SSL to an existing socket-stream

21.6 Using SSL objects directly

21.7 Initialization

21.8 Obtaining and installing the OpenSSL library

21.9 Errors in SSL

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