11.2.2 Failure to start when disconnected from the Internet

By default MacOS X machines have different names when connected and when not connected. After changing the connection state, the 64-bit LispWorks license check will fail, because the data is encoded with the machine name.

The machine name is configured by the line


in /etc/hostconfig .

The recommended fix is to edit /etc/hostconfig to give your machine a fixed hostname, then reset the license file if necessary by running in

$ ./ lispworks-5-1-0-macos64-universal --lwlicenseserial SERIALNUMBER --lwlicensekey LICENSEKEY

where SERIALNUMBER and LICENSEKEY are the strings supplied with LispWorks. Then the LispWorks license check will always lookup the expected hostname.

Note: this section does not apply to 32-bit LispWorks for Macintosh.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 18 Mar 2008