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To obtain your keys, contact Lisp Support.

You can get your key by phone, fax or email. Every key is unique: in order to generate keys, we need to know the unique ID of the machine on which you intend to run LispWorks.

To find out your machine's ID, try to start up the LispWorks image. LispWorks spots that there is no valid key available, and prints a message saying so, along with the ID you need to let us know. In any case, Lisp Support will be able to provide assistance in determining the identifier of a specific machine. We will also retain a copy of the key supplied.

Send email containing the message printed to . Or contact Lisp Support as described in Reporting bugs.

Once you have the key, write it into a file in one of the places listed in Where LispWorks looks for keyfiles, and start up the LispWorks image.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 18 Mar 2008