Default value: t on Microsoft Windows, nil on other platforms

automatic-init specifies whether a LispWorks dynamic library should initialize automatically on loading. Automatic initialization is useful when the dynamic library does not communicate by function calls but prevents you from relocating the library if necessary or doing other initialization.

To deliver a dynamic library on Linux/Macintosh/FreeBSD, the build machine must have a C compiler installed. This is typically gcc (which is available on the Macintosh by installing Xcode).

deliver uses automatic-init just like save-image . See save-image in the LispWorks Reference Manual for more details.

For more information about the behavior of LispWorks DLLs (dynamic libraries) and in particular a discussion of automatic and explicit initialization, see the chapter "LispWorks as a dynamic library" in the LispWorks User Guide .

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 14 Mar 2008