Default value:

(if (delivery-value :shake-shake-shake)
    (if (delivery-value :keep-debug-mode) t nil)

This keyword controls the retention of names for functions. The following values are accepted:


Do not keep names


Keep names as strings, but keep no other debug information


Keep names as strings and retain argument information.


Do not modify function names

On x86 platforms, if :call-count is either t or :all , then :keep-function-name is set to t automatically.

When :keep-debug-mode is non- nil , :keep-function-name is set to t automatically.

Affected by: :keep-debug-mode, :shake-shake-shake

Compatibility Note: In LispWorks 4.4 and previous on Windows and Linux platforms, if the keyword :compact is non- nil , function names are eliminated. This is not true in LispWorks 5.0 and later versions.

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 14 Mar 2008