17.1 Introduction

The Symbol Browser allows you to view symbols in your LispWorks image found by a match on symbol names, in a manner analogous to the Common Lisp function apropos but with additional functionality.

You can restrict the search to specified packages. You can then filter the list of found symbols based on their symbol name, restrict it to those symbols with function or variable definitions and so on, and restrict it based on the symbols' accessibility.

The Symbol Browser also displays information about each selected symbol and allows you to perform operations on the symbol or objects associated with it, including transferring these to other tools in the Common LispWorks IDE by using standard commands.

To create a Symbol Browser, choose Tools > Symbol Browser or click in the Podium.

Also the editor command Alt+X Apropos raises a Symbol Browser tool using the supplied substring to match symbol names.

Also the standard action command Browse Symbols Like is available in Context menus and also in the Works > Expression menu of editor-based tools. This command raises a Symbol Browser using the current symbol to match symbol names.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Windows version) - 21 Feb 2008