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To set a breakpoint, for example at the call to + in one of your functions:

  1. Open the file containing the call in an Editor tool.
  2. Ensure the definition is indented. You can use the Lisp mode command Indent Form ( Alt+Ctrl+Q in Emacs emulation).
  3. Ensure the definition is compiled.
  4. Position the cursor on the symbol + .
  5. Choose the menu command Works > Expression > Toggle Breakpoint , or click
  6. in the Editor toolbar, or run the editor command Toggle Breakpoint . The symbol + is highlighted red indicating that a breakpoint is set.

When the breakpoint is reached, a Stepper tool is invoked, allowing you to step through the code, add further breakpoints, and so on. See The Stepper for more information about the Stepper tool.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Windows version) - 21 Feb 2008