3.2.2 Using X resources

On X11/Motif the default fonts and colors (and certain other properties) used in CAPI elements are determined by the applicable X resources.

The file app-defaults/Lispworks , supplied in the LispWorks library for relevant platforms, contains the application fallback resources for LispWorks 5.1 and illustrates resources you may wish to change.

The file app-defaults/GcMonitor contains the application fallback resources for the Lisp Monitor window.

The files app-defaults/*-classic contain the fallback resources that were supplied with LispWorks 4.4.

For further information about X resources, consult documentation for the X Window system. X resources for LispWorks CAPI applications X resources for non-focus completion windows

LispWorks CAPI User Guide (Macintosh version) - 17 Mar 2008