10.3 Memory Management in 32-bit LispWorks

This section describes the garbage collector (GC) in 32-bit LispWorks 5.0.

In LispWorks for UNIX and LispWorks for Macintosh, the implementation is not significantly different to that in LispWorks 4.x.

In LispWorks for Windows and LispWorks for Linux, the implementation has changed since LispWorks 4.x and you may notice performance improvements.

10.3.1 Generations

10.3.2 Allocation of objects

10.3.3 Mark and sweep

10.3.4 Promotion

10.3.5 Garbage collection strategy

10.3.6 Overflow

10.3.7 Behavior of generation 1

10.3.8 Behavior of generation 2

10.3.9 Forcing expansion

10.3.10 Controlling Fragmentation

10.3.11 Summary of garbage collection symbols

LispWorks User Guide - 21 Jul 2006