7 Troubleshooting

This chapter provides solutions to common delivery problems.

7.1 Debugging errors in the delivery image

7.2 Problems with undefined functions or variables

7.3 Failure to find a class

7.4 Possible explanations for a frozen image

7.5 Errors when finalizing classes

7.6 Warnings about combinations and templates

7.7 Warnings about saving editor buffers

7.8 Valid type specifier errors

7.9 Stack frames with the name NIL in simple backtraces

7.10 Blank or obscure lines in simple backtraces

7.11 Nil is not of type hash-table errors

7.12 FLI template needs to be compiled

7.13 Reducing the size of the delivered application

7.14 Interrogate-Symbols

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 12 Sep 2005