3.3.6 Error handling

When an Automation server returns an error code, the calling macros such as call-dispatch-method signal an error of type com-error. The error message will contain the source and description fields from the error.

For example, if pp is a dispatch pointer to i-test-suite-1 :

CL-USER 184 > (call-dispatch-method
                (pp nil i-test-suite-1 fx))
"in fx"            ;; implementation running
Error: COM IDispatch::Invoke Exception Occured (0 "fx") : foo
  1 (abort) Return to level 0.
  2 Return to top loop level 0.
Type :b for backtrace, :c <option number> to proceed,  or :? for other options

LispWorks COM/Automation User Guide and Reference Manual - 17 Jul 2006