25.6.2 Conditional breakpoints

A breakpoint can be modified to make it effective only when a condition is true.

Suppose that you have reached a breakpoint on the call to + as set in the example above. To make this breakpoint conditional, choose Conditional... from the Breakpoint Options menu:

Figure 25.5 The Breakpoint Options menu

Define your variable *use-my-breakpoints* and enter it in the Condition area of the Breakpoint Options dialog, and click OK .

Figure 25.6 The Edit Breakpoint dialog

Now your code breaks at the breakpoint depending on the value of *use-my-breakpoints* .

To make a breakpoint unconditional, select Unconditional in the dialog shown above.

Note: you cannot currently access the values of local variables in the condition expression.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Windows version) - 5 Jul 2006