14.3 Configuring the Generic Function Browser

As with other Common LispWorks tools, choose Tools > Preferences... or click to display the Generic Function Browser Preferences dialog.

Using the options in the Sort panel, you can sort the items in the Generic Function Browser as you can in many of the other Common LispWorks tools.


Displays items in the order they are defined in.

By Method Qualifier

Sorts items by the CLOS qualifier of the method. This groups together any :before , :after , and :around methods.

By Name

Sorts items alphabetically by name. This is the default setting.

By Package

Sorts items alphabetically by package name.

For more information on sorting items, see Sorting items in views.

You can also set the process package of the Generic Function Browser, and choose to hide package names in the display, using the Package panel. See Displaying packages for full details.


Common LispWorks User Guide (Windows version) - 5 Jul 2006