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The KnowledgeWorks Backward Chainer indexes clauses for a backward rule based on the first argument. If the first arguments to backward rule clauses are distinct non-variables, the backward chainer can pre-select possible matching clauses for a call.

For example, in the following rule:

(defrule age-of :backward
                ((age-of charlie 30) <--)
                ((age-of william 25) <--)
                ((age-of james 28) <--))

The call: (age-of james ?x) would jump directly to the third clause and bind ?x to 28 without trying the other two.

The call: (age-of tom ?x) would fail immediately without doing any pattern matching.

Clauses are distinguished first by the types and then the values of their first arguments.

KnowledgeWorks and Prolog User Guide - 4 Apr 2005