5.5 Advanced pane layouts

Until now you have used layouts for CAPI elements in which the constituents were displayed in fixed positions set out by the CAPI. In this chapter we will be looking at a number of ways in which users can select the layout and display of CAPI elements in an interface once an instance of the interface has been displayed.

The portable techniques are the use of dividers, switchable layouts and tab layouts. On MS Windows, there is also Multiple-Document Interface (MDI).

Throughout this section we will be using three predefined panes, which you should define before proceeding.

(setq red-pane (make-instance 'output-pane
                               :background :red))
(setq green-pane (make-instance 'output-pane
                                :background :green))
(setq blue-pane (make-instance 'output-pane
                               :background :blue))

5.5.1 Switchable layouts

5.5.2 Tab layouts

5.5.3 Dividers

5.5.4 Multiple-Document Interface (MDI)

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