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The main LispWorks installation directory.



Initial value

The initial value is

#P"/usr/lib/lispworks/" on Unix.

#P"/usr/local/lib/lispworks/" on Linux.

#P"C:\Program Files\Harlequin\LispWorks\"

on MS Windows.

#P"/Applications/LispWorks/Library/" on Mac OS.

although it can set when configuring an image.


The variable *lispworks-directory* holds the name of the directory where various files important for the running of LispWorks are located.

On Windows, Linux and Mac OS, when LispWorks starts in a directory which contains an appropriate numbered subdirectroy such as lib/4-3-0-0/ , then this is assumed to be the LispWorks installation directory and *lispworks-directory* is set on startup.

On Unix, when LispWorks starts it consults the environment variable LISPWORKS_DIRECTORY. If this is set, then *lispworks-directory* is set on startup.

The subdirectories of *lispworks-directory* should include:

config , which contains the configuration files.

patches , which contains any public (numbered) patches that are distributed by Xanalys.

private-patches , which is the place to put private (named) patches that are sent to you by Xanalys.

postscript , which contains configuration files for printing using the CAPI printing library. See the chapter on Simple Customization in the LispWorks User Guide for more information on printer configuration.

examples , which contains various files of example code.

Other directories are etc , load-on-demand , manual and app-defaults for platforms where Motif is supported.

LispWorks Reference Manual - 25 Jul 2003

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