4.2 Using fonts

4.2.4 X11 fonts

If the Window Tool Kit has been initialized and the function load-font is invoked, it looks first for an X11 font of the specified name. If it cannot find such a font, the function searches for a Window Tool Kit font file. If neither type of font is available, an error is signaled.

Though you must initialize the Window Tool Kit before you can use fonts, you can load X11 fonts with the following expression at any time:

(load-font "existing-X-font" :foreign-font-type t)
When the Window Tool Kit is initialized, it attempts to load the font specified by existing-X-font. If no such foreign font exists in the X server, an error is signaled.

To specify an X11 font as the value of*default-font*, include the following expression in your Lisp initialization file or enter it as a top-level command before initializing the window system:

(setq *default-font* 
      (load-font "existing-X-font" :foreign-font-type t))

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