1 Introduction to the Window Tool Kit

1.1 Basic elements and data structures

The Window Tool Kit is an enhancement of Liquid Common Lisp that allows you to customize window facilities for use with specialized applications. It allows you to create and access windows, viewports, and bitmaps, and to access the mouse. It supports both character and graphic output.

All of the constructs in the Window Tool Kit are extensions to Common Lisp. The following sections provide a general discussion of the Window Tool Kit and introduce its data structures. More specific discussions of how to use the Window Tool Kit follow in subsequent chapters.

1.1.1 - Bitmaps and the screen
1.1.2 - Bitmap output streams
1.1.3 - Viewports
1.1.4 - Windows
1.1.5 - The viewport hierarchy
1.1.6 - Multiple root viewports
1.1.7 - The mouse and mouse input streams
1.1.8 - Pop-up menus
1.1.9 - Fonts
1.1.10 - Positions and regions

The Window Tool Kit - 9 SEP 1996

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